Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations*

Starting in the Fall of 2022 NUSC will once again be performing player evaluations for our U10 – U14 Rec+ programs. A player evaluation
is required to participate in the Rec+ program. (Please note that our U16 – U19 Rec+ players are currently excluded from this requirement.)

In the event you are not able to make a league scheduled evaluation then an evaluation form must be submitted by your son or daughter’s
previous coach on their behalf. Should they not have a previous coach at NUSC then other accommodations will be considered.

Player Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

Why Evaluate?

We’re doing this to ensure players are registered for the appropriate program AND to ensure what teams we roster are competitively balanced.

How do I know if my son or daughter is ready for Rec+?

The Rec+ soccer program is an advanced division for players U-10 through U-19. Rec+ is a natural next step for players who have obtained a higher level of soccer knowledge, skills, and abilities and are wanting a more challenging soccer experience. Competition and commitment for this division is higher than that of Rec.

How do I know if I, as a parent, am ready for Rec+?

For starters, read up on the differences between the two programs we offer HERE

If you’re still uncertain, please feel free to reach out to a board member and we’ll be happy to talk through your questions.

*Please note that participating in a Rec+ evaluation does not necessarily guarantee a roster spot on a Rec+ team. Multiple factors will be considered when determining what players are rostered. These include, but are
not limited to, player registration counts, number of available coaches, team player caps and player ability.

Should your son or daughter not be rostered on a Rec+ team then they will be provided the option to be rostered on a team in the Rec program.

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