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Where are the NUSC fields located?

The NUSC fields are located at:
8501 East 196th Street
Noblesville, IN 46062

How do we find information on field closures?

Social media is used for real-time updates for weather-related delays or cancellations. Emails are sent secondary to social media posts. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter (links above the menu) for the most up-to-date information.
For all Rec Plus Groups (U10-U19) we recommend following Indy Premier on Twitter for their weather-related updates, delays, or cancellations.

Our website will be updated for extended field closures such as off-season winter closure.

Are we allowed to use the fields during off hours for practice or training?

Our fields are part of the Noblesville Parks Department so as long as they are not officially closed due to weather or off-season, you are welcome any time. We ask that you are respectful of our facilities as well as any teams/games that may be taking place during the time you wish to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rec Soccer?

Recreational soccer primarily devotes itself to the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the emphasis on high-level pressure to win. The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, play with a sense of team and community, learn the sport, and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game.

All practices and games will be hosted at NUSC facilities. The recreational soccer program includes new to intermediate skilled players who want to enjoy the game without as much time or intensity commitment.

What is Rec Plus Soccer?

The Rec+ soccer program is an advanced division for players U-10 through U-19. Rec+ is a natural next step for players who have obtained a higher level of soccer knowledge, skills, and abilities and are wanting a more challenging soccer experience. Competition and commitment for this division is higher than that of Rec. All practices and some games will be held at NUSC facilities. Players will have one team practice and one league-wide practice, with a certified trainer, each week. The Rec+ soccer program includes intermediate to advanced players who are ready to continue to enjoy soccer but at a more intensive level.

My child plays in U16-U19. Is there a Rec Program or do they have to register in Rec Plus?

All age groups from U16-U19 are considered Rec Plus because we do not have the option to play in house Rec only. Our teams are scheduled to play with outside clubs through the Indy Premier Rec Plus League.

What is the difference between Rec Soccer and Rec Plus Soccer?

Rec Plus soccer offers additional training sessions conducted by a licensed professional coach who is paid for their time. Teams play in a Rec Plus League outside of NUSC whereas Rec Soccer Leagues are strictly intermural and play only against other NUSC teams.

Learn more about the NUSC programs HERE.

Do you have a travel program?

We no longer run a travel program. We recommend visiting the websites for local travel programs to see which club and philosophies will work best for your child.

My child has never played before. Is this club a good fit for them?

Yes! We are a rec club and encourage new players at every age level. We have new players from U5-U19. It’s never too late to try something new!

What is the cost to play at NUSC?

Please refer to our ‘Programs‘ page to find information on fees for your child’s age group.

What do your fees include?

Our fees are structured to include the costs of maintaining our fields and facilities, utilities, administrative costs, TeamSnap fees, Indiana Soccer Player registration, insurance policies, GotSoccer fees, referee pay*, and referee assignor costs, practice t-shirt costs, employee payroll and any miscellaneous fees associate with running the club.

*Due to state wide referee shortages Indiana Soccer and NUSC cannot guarantee all matches will have assigned referees.

What uniform do we need to order?

All players U10-U19 both Rec and Rec Plus will need to order jerseys directly through our vendor. Please refer to our ‘Uniforms + Merchandise‘ page for updated information and a link to our vendor’s website.

Why are uniforms not included in the fees and provided by the club?

We began a two-year uniform cycle in Fall 2018 which was extended by a year due to Covid-19. We would have to increase our fees by nearly double to provide them ourselves. We found that for the many years that we did provide them, we were losing tens of thousands of dollars just on jerseys each year. We chose to place the ordering in the hands of each parent so they are getting exactly what their child needs and should any roster or age group changes occur, the jerseys wouldn’t need to change often. Beginning Fall 2021, we will have all Rec and Rec Plus teams wearing the same two jerseys at a slightly lower cost.

What equipment does my child need?

Required equipment includes:

  • Shin guards and appropriate soccer socks to fully cover the shin guards.
  • Appropriate footwear is required. Soccer shoes are suggested but not required. No player may participate while wearing shoes with a toe cleat (i.e. baseball or football cleats).
  • Age-appropriate ball
    • Size 3 – U5 to U8 Divisions (U5 to U8 players)
    • Size 4 – U10 and U12 Divisions (U9 to U12 players)
    • Size 5 – U14, U16 and U19 Divisions (U13 to U19 players)
  • Ample supply of water
What age division will my child play in?

Please refer to the age matrix on our ‘Programs’ page. Players are placed on teams based on their age using guidelines set by the Indiana State Soccer Association and general school registration age cutoffs. Every attempt is made to distribute skill equally among teams.

All age groups are combined:
U5-U6 = U6, U7-U8 = U8, U9-U10 = U10, etc.

Do I get to choose my child's team/coach?

NUSC Recreational Soccer Program is geared for fun and the development of every player in the game of soccer. In an effort to build competitively balanced teams, we are no longer accepting requests of any kind for U5-U12. However, all carpool requests are taken seriously.

How long do teams stay together?

Teams are formed in the fall season and will carry through the spring season.

When does registration open?

Fall registration opens May 1st and closes July 1st.

Spring registration opens November 1st and closes March 1st.

Do you have a summer league for kids?

We held a summer league for 2020 due to our spring season cancellation. We will consider this in the future if there is enough interest.

Why do the U6-U8 kids play 3v3/4v4/5v5 smaller sided formats?

The small-sided formats on the smaller size fields are developmentally appropriate for children in these age groups to encourage first touches and ball control. At this point in athletic, especially soccer development, players are still very ‘selfish’ with the regard to playing the ball, so more emphasis is placed on ball control in the smaller spaces and working to pass the ball to teammates within that space rather than big kicks and shooting the ball in the goal.

How do we locate the practice days for our child?

Practice days are not set until registration closes and coaches have been assigned. As our coaches are volunteers we do our best to work around their availability within the parameters we have set. We do our best to accommodate the needs of our players and families by working around known conflicts. This is not always possible when too many requests per player are made.

When are games played for the Youth Programs?

Games for U5-U14 are played primarily on Saturdays. We do schedule at least two games a season on Sundays due to schedule conflicts with holidays and school calendars. Sunday games are not scheduled until after 12:00pm.

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