Adult League Rules

Laws of the Game

League Information Summary

·    11 versus 11 (including a goal keeper)

·    2 X 30 minute halves.  (4 X 15 minute quarters in excessively hot weather)

·    Rain-out dates will be built into the league schedule

·    Every team registration is required to have an appointed Team Captain. The Team Captain is responsible for reviewing the rules and conduct policies and ensuring the team is aware prior to the first game.  Each individual registrant is responsible for reviewing the rules and conduct policies  prior to the first game.

·    Ideally each team plays every team once; however, that will depend on the number of total teams at the end of registration. 

·    Registration fee includes game jersey,  game referees, 7 games

Adult Rec Coed Rules

First and Foremost, this is a Recreational League intended to be a fun, family friendly enviornment for adults to enjoy playing the game of soccer, regardless of their skill level or fitness level.  Any overly agressive behavior, overly competetive behavior or use of inappropriate language will be addressed by the referees, and fellow players, and will not be tolerated.  If the league/club feels behavior is not within the recreational, fun and familiy friendly umbrella, the offending individual will be asked to leave.  

The latest version of the FIFA Laws of the Game as described in the United States Soccer Federation website ( with the following additions:

A. Fields: Noblesville will be played at 8501 E 196th St., Noblesville, IN 46062

B. Ball: A team will supply at least one (1) #5 FIFA regulation soccer ball for each game.

C.  Players and Substitutions:

C1. Players: Starting lineups consists of  (11) players.  A minimum of seven (7) players is required to start a game.

1. If a team cannot field a minimum of 7 players in accordance with Section F.1, Forfeit Time, the game is a forfeit.

C2. Substitutions: A team is allowed to substitute one or more players at anytime as long as the player getting substituted is off the field by the benches.

C3. Guest Players: In the event a team does not meet the minimum player requirement at game time, a team may use guest players from anyone registered from the same league.

D1. Shin Guards:  Shin guards are required for all players.

D2. Uniforms: All players on each team must have the same color jersey preferably use the one provided by the league.  

E. Game Officials: One official for the games.

E1. Rain- Out / Cancellation Procedure: Please check TeamSnap notifications and Social Media (i.e Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Nusc) for any cancellations. If nothing is posted, please proceed to the playing field. After arriving for the first scheduled game, referees are required to stay at the field until the start of the last scheduled game, unless the last games were cancelled or fields closed.  Referees are permitted to leave the field only after the last scheduled game is played to full time or terminated early for weather or other cause.

E2. Lightning Policy:  Rain delay and lightning policy will adhere in accordance with the NUSC weather policies. Referees and League officials have full authority to postpone or cancel games in accordance with these policies.

E3. Score and Time Keeping: Score keeping and timekeeping will be performed on the field by the referee, or by an assistant referee.  

F. Game Duration: Two 30 minute halves with running time. The exact duration of halves will be specified for each season depending on field availability and time constraints. Officials may stop the clock for injury if excessive time is required to attend to the injured player, provided schedule constraints permit. The game clock starts at the scheduled game time without exception.

F1. Forfeit Time: A 10 minute grace period will be given to a team not able to meet the minimum player requirements. A forfeit will result in a 1-0 loss for the forfeiting team. After forfeiture, the game can still be played as a scrimmage or “friendly” between the two scheduled teams. Even if it is a forfeit, Referees are required to stay and officiate the game if both teams still want to play. Teams can share players between the two scheduled teams or any team scheduled at their field, if the game is a forfeit. All players playing in a forfeited game must be registered players on the game cards at the field that game is being played at, and check in before they play.

F2. Half-Time: Half-time period is 5 minutes long. Teams should be ready to restart play when half-time is over. The clock will start at the end of half-time even if the teams are not ready to start.

H1. NO SLIDE TACKLING: Whether accidental or not, slide tackling is not allowed and will result in an indirect free kick for the opposing team, and may result in a misconduct (yellow or red card, depending upon the degree of danger to or contact with the opponent) for the player who committed the slide tackle. The goalkeeper is the only player allowed to slide tackle near an opponent provided it is performed within the penalty area and is performed only in a manner that does not pose a danger to the opponent or to him/herself.

H2. Cautions (Yellow Cards) and Sendoffs (Red Cards):  

Constant or excessive rough play will result in a Yellow Card

·     Continuous dissent with a referee will result in a Yellow  Card

·    Foul language will not be tolerated and will result in a     Yellow Card

·    A player receiving a Red Card will be ejected from the    league

·    Two Yellow Cards in a season will result in a Red Card and the player being ejected from the league

·    Fighting before, during or after a game will result in automatic expulsion from the league

·    The league reserves the right to evaluate reports of unsporting conduct or failure to uphold the league’s standards of conduct as defined in the Mission Statement. A player’s behavior or actions may be evaluated for compliance, even if no sanctions have been taken against them by the referees. In the case where violations to these principles occur, the Noblesville Board will take the necessary corrective actions, ranging from friendly reminders of the rules to player suspension.

Goal Keeping and Kicks

I1. Goal kicks:

Ball may start from any position within the goal area. The kick is ALLOWED to cross the halfway line on the fly (in the air). Any infraction results in a turnover at the point where the ball passed over the halfway line.

I2. Goalkeepers:

May throw or roll ball to any position on the playing field. Punts/Throws/Any kick by goalkeeper are NOT ALLOWED to cross the halfway  line  on the fly (in the air). Any infraction results in a turnover at the point where the ball passed over the  halfway line.

I3. Penalty area infractions:

Ball is placed at the nearest point on the penalty area line from where the infraction occurred.


A build out line may painted halfway between the goal line and the center line. 

Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line.

Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and the goal line.

If no build out line, offside calls are based on FIFA rules by the referee’s judgement.

K. Lopsided Scores
If a team is up by 5 goals, that team will be asked to remove one player from the field, making the game 10 v 11 (including goal keep).  

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are NOT allowed at any playing field at any time. Teams are responsible for their spectators. Drinking or use of tobacco products is not allowed in recreational programs.

League Standings

As this is a recreational league, standings are not recorded as there is no tournament or championship.


Updates about the league will be done through TeamSnap. Field conditions will be updated via message on TeamSnap as well as Social Media as soon as possible.

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