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Club Policies

    Severe Weather Policy

    In the event that severe weather is projected ( i.e. National Weather Service issues Watch or Warning ) the following guidelines are in effect for our NUSC complex.  

    Should severe weather approach during a practice, the responsibility to clear the fields belongs to everyone. Parents, coaches, and players should immediately clear the fields if the lightning detector alarm sounds and take cover in their vehicles.  This will constitute a 30 min delay in practice beginning or resuming.  If there is a second alarm, that is an additional 30 min delay. Should that mean that your practice would not begin and finish before the next session is set to commence, you will cancel for the evening. NUSC does not have on site personnel available every night monitoring the weather, but we do check radars regularly. NUSC asks parents and coaches to be proactive and seek shelter should there be any doubt.    

    NUSC site coordinators will monitor the weather conditions. The NUSC site coordinator will monitor for lightening with the detector.  In the event that lightening is detected:

    When the light on the detector blinks, lightning is 12 miles away.  Games/Practice can continue at that time. When the detector sounds an alarm lightning is 8 miles away. Players, coaches and spectators MUST take cover in their vehicles for a 30 min delay.  Should the alarm sound a second time, that would be an additional 30 min delay.  All games will stop and all players and training/coaching staff will report to and get inside vehicles. Spectators will be asked to do the same.

    No game will be resumed or a new game started until no strikes are detected for 30 minutes.

    For more information on our heat index policy please view HERE

    NUSC club administrators will send out communication via social media and email with more information about when the games will start again or if they will be cancelled/rescheduled.

    Refund Policy

    Registered players may become unable to meet their commitment to play; therefore, refunds will be made available according to the following schedule and guidelines.  

    • Up to registration deadline for the current season: players may obtain a full refund.
    • After registration closes, before practices begin for the current season: a refund of 50% of fees will be refunded.
    • After practices have begun no refunds will be processed.  

    *To request a refund, please email and ask for a request form. 

    Late Fees Policy

    A late registration fee of $50 will be added to the Standard fee and Rec Plus fee after the Early Registration deadline. Openings will be limited after that date. We cannot guarantee placement of a player registered following the Late Registration deadline and will be based upon open roster spots with established teams. In addition, the player’s uniform and practice night requests will be late and it could affect the timing and availability of those items.

    Effective April 8, 2019

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